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IRONMAN 2022 Lockdown wasn't the same for everyone. I for one, felt severely restricted by being unable to roam freely. My neighbouring towns of Hartbeespoort, Cullinan, Bronkhorstspruit and Bapsfontein can attest to seeing their fair share of me and my bicycle. When the races started again, I started thinking that I would like to do something special for what would put me in the history books as an Ironman legend, as this will be my 10th Ironman South Africa. I have used a few modes of transport over the years, but what about cycling to the Eastern Cape? An idea was born. I get asked why I would willingly cycle over 1000 kilometres to an Ironman event in which I will take part. The truth is that I am happy to make the connection between being in this position and putting it to work to help the youth in our country. Sport is my passion and cycling is an important part of my life. I believe that through sport and education we can create new opportunities for children to break the cycle of poverty. And ultimately, in the spirit of Ubuntu, previously assisted youths will circle back and continue to help their communities, further enriching new generations and getting children of the streets and into classrooms. To me that is ultimately investing in the future of our beautiful South Africa for future generations I want to ask you to consider making donation to the Ironman 4 the kids foundation. If you can support this journey, it would be amazing.